Cooties is a comic strip which follows a bunch of kids and their adventures dealing with school, friends, parents, the opposite sex, and the occasional paranormal/extraterrestrial catastrophe.

Cooties is currently in the midst of its first storyline, entitled "Infestation." You can catch up here:

The first day of middle school is often frightening; only a stealthy alien invasion can make it worse...

The Q'utee (pronounced "cootie") aliens want to take over the minds of all earthlings to stop our violent behavior and inequality, creating order on Earth. They've already succeeded in overcoming our first lines of defense.

Their next step is to control the planet's youth. Jake is their first victim and, after having been given the memories and martial arts skills of a dying anti-alien agent, is sent to infiltrate his school to help the alien cause.

It is soon discovered that Jake's best friend Nathan unwittingly possesses the Q'utee's only weakness: a handheld video game, the light flash of which has a peculiar effect on the aliens and their victims.

Nate and his friends must now try to stay out of the clutches of the Q'utees, save their school, and just maybe the world...

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Nathan Perkins
Sarcastic and snarky, Nate just wants to survive the first day of school without getting a wedgie. Tends to turn red whenever someone mentions Carmen's name
Jake Bower
Formerly shy and timid, Jake's mind has been infused with the memories and skills of a specially trained agent; will having multiple personalities help or hinder his fight against the Q'utee?
Carmen Quijana
Witty, calm and collected, Carmen proves to be invaluable in the cause against the alien invaders. Trading verbal barbs with Nathan is among her favorite pasttimes.
Lori Addle
Intelligent and good-natured, Lori unfortunately was apparently absent when God was handing out common sense. Her smarts can sometimes come in handy, though.
Sam Solomon
An unabashed comic book geek, Sam's deductive skills and quiet demeanor help him pick up on what other kids don't. There's nowhere he'd rather be than adventurin' with his buds.
Q'utee aliens
Mind-controlling extraterrestrials, the Q'utee share a hive mind; determined to bring order to the universe by controlling other species, they seek to end violence and inequality. Earth is their latest target.
The Comet
The star of Sam's favorite comic book, he is less fictional than previously thought; under the control of the Q'utees, a showdown with him is inevitable...

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